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Name (Description) Group Responsible URL Database Path /etc/nginx/sites-available: Status Comment
ABCD Wiki (ABCD 3.0 Project from BGBM and MfN) BGBM David Fichtmueller, Jana Hoffmann abcd_wiki v-abcd/w working
Apple Core Wiki TDWG Joel Sachs applecore v-applecore/w working
CETAF Digitization Wiki CETAF Elspeth Haston, cetafdigiwiki v-cetaf/c working
CETAF Identifiers Wiki CETAF Anton Güntsch cetafidentifierwiki v-cetaf/id working
Synthesys3 Project Wiki CETAF Falko Glöckler synthesyswiki v-cetaf/s working
Citizen Science Wiki MfN K. Vohland, L. Pettibone mfn_cs v-mfn/csleitfaden working alternative domain:
Dina Project Wiki MfN Falko Glöckler dinawiki v-dina/w working redirect from old path still in 00_default, alternative domain:
Diversity Workbench DWB Dagmar Triebel, Gregor Hagedorn (DNS) wbwiki v-workbench/w working
eScience Wiki ZFMK Peter Grobe esciencewiki esciencewiki working
Flora of North America Plazi Joel Sachs fna v-fna/w working
Flora of North America Plazi Joel Sachs fnabase v-fnabase/w unused set up in March 2015, no edits since (as of 2015-10-08)
BotKnow Botanical Knowledge Plazi Joel Sachs botknow_test v-botknow-test/w 00_default working temp until under own domain
GFBio Public Wiki GFBio David Fichtmueller gfbio_public_wiki v-gfbio/w working
GFBio Internal Wiki GFBio David Fichtmueller gfbio_internal_wiki v-gfbio/int working
GFBio Minimal Wiki GFBio David Fichtmueller gfbio_public_wiki v-gfbio/min working minimal skin for the public wiki, details see User:David Fichtmueller/GFBio Minimal Wiki
GFBio Terms Wiki GFBio David Fichtmueller gfbio_terms_wiki v-gfbio/t working
LIAS Glossary SNSB Dagmar Triebel lias_glossary v-lias/w working
TDWG Biodiversity Services and Clients Interest Group TDWG David Fichtmueller, Anton Güntsch tdwg_bsci v-tdwg-groups/bsci working if works again, this wiki could be moved
TDWG Terms Wiki TDWG TDWG, Gregor Hagedorn tdwg_terms v-tdwg-terms/w working
TDWG Blitz TDWG TDWG, Joel Sachs tdwgblitz v-tdwgblitz/w working
IDES Wiki (Integriertes Datenmanagement für die digitale Erschließung zoologischer und paläontologischer Sammlungsbestände) SNSB Dagmar Triebel ideswiki v-ides/w working
NESCent Informatics Wiki Nescent Falko Glöckler nescent v-nescent/nescent working
NNVM (Netzwerk der Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereinigungen in Mitteleuropa) NNVM NNVM Münchau, Gregor Hagedorn nnvmwiki v-nnvm/w working
Offene Naturführer MfN Gregor Hagedorn onwiki v-on/w working
Offene Naturführer BiolFlor (Diese Testplattform für aus dem Biol-Flor Projekt stammende Daten) MfN Gregor Hagedorn onwiki_test v-on/bfl working
OroWiki MfN Holger Uhlich, Gregor Hagedorn orowiki v-orowiki/w working
PlantTerms English Plantnet Michel Chauvet plantnet_terms_en v-plantnet/terms/e working
PlantTerms Francais Plantnet Michel Chauvet plantnet_terms_fr v-plantnet/terms/f working
PlantUse English Plantnet Michel Chauvet plantnet_uses_en v-plantnet/uses/e working
PlantUse Francais Plantnet Michel Chauvet plantnet_uses_fr v-plantnet/uses/f working
Practical Plants Andru Vallance practicalplants_mw v-practicalplants/html/w working not part of the regular BWF backup, has special backup
Species-ID-Wiki MfN Gregor Hagedorn specieswiki v-species/w working
ZooTerms (Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology) MfN Gregor Hagedorn zooterms v-species/zt working
OpenMedia Repository Meta Gregor Hagedorn openmedia v-species/o working
SpecialMedia Repository Meta Gregor Hagedorn specialmedia v-species/s working
SPNHC Wiki Plazi Joel Sachs spnhc v-spnhc/w working
Terminology Sandbox (set up as a clone of for experimenting with Semantic Media Wiki) Meta David Fichtmueller terminology_sandbox_wiki v-terminology-sandbox/w working
Test 26WMF5 Test Alvaro Ortiz Troncoso test26wmf5 testing/alvaro/test26wmf5 working non working configuration still in 00_default
Thrips Wiki CSIRO Laurence Mound (, Gregor Hagedorn thripswiki v-thrips/w working
Bayernflora SNSB Dagmar Triebel bayernflorawiki v-bayernflora/w working alternative domains:,
BiNHum Wiki SMNS Joachim Holstein binhum_wiki v-binhum/w working
AraMob Wiki SMNS Joachim Holstein aramob_wiki v-aramob/w working
Kurator Project Wiki Kurator Bob Morris, Paul J. Morris kuratorwiki v-kurator/w working
DIFA Wiki SMNS Joachim Holstein difa_smns_wiki v-difa-smns/w working
Filtered Push Wiki Kurator Bob Morris, James Macklin filteredpushwiki v-filteredpush/w working
Flora Malesiana Wiki Naturalis Naturalis malesiana_wiki v-floramalesiana/w working pointed to the old IP 160...
GBIF.DE IT Wiki BGBM Anton Güntsch, Gregor Hagedorn gbif_d_wiki v-gbif-d/w working
FloraWiki Deutsch CH Stefan Eggenberg (content), Andreas Plank (technology) infoflora_ch_de swissflorawiki/d working https is not supported because the domain points to a different server which only proxies all requests via /swissflora/ to the biowikifarm.
FloraWiki Francais CH Stefan Eggenberg (content), Andreas Plank (technology) infoflora_ch_fr swissflorawiki/f working https is not supported because the domain points to a different server which only proxies all requests via /swissflora/ to the biowikifarm.
Pestinfo Wiki ISPI Bernhard Zelazny ispiwiki v-ispi/w working
Phytomed Wiki DPG Falko Feldmann pmedwiki v-phytomed/w working
Plazi Wiki Plazi Donat Agosti, Gregor Hagedorn plaziwiki v-plazi/w working
pro-iBiosphere Wiki Naturalis Rob van Geenen, Naturalis, Gregor Hagedorn ibiospherewiki v-ibiosphere/w working
Tela-botanica Francais Plantnet Michel Chauvet telabotanica_frwiki v-telabotanica/f working
Tela-botanica English Plantnet Michel Chauvet telabotanica_enwiki v-telabotanica/e working
KeyToNature Triest PL Nimis, Stefano Martellos k2n_wiki v-k2n/w working
KeyToNature Handbook Triest PL Nimis, Stefano Martellos k2n_handbook v-k2n/h working
MOD-CO (Towards an integrative and comprehensive standard for meta-omics data of collection objects) SNSB Dagmar Triebel modco v-modco/w working
ZSM Entomology Portal SNSB Stefan Schmidt (DNS) zsm_entomology v-zsm/w working
Biowikifarm Meta Meta Gregor Hagedorn metawiki metawiki 00_default working contains the user and confirmAccounts tables used my most other wikis
TestWiki Meta Gregor Hagedorn testwiki testwiki 00_default working Test Wiki uses the staging version of mediawiki (/usr/share/mediawikistaging/phase3/, /usr/share/mediawikistaging/extensions). Code changes there do not affect other wikis. The testwiki configuration depends on its own LocalSettings.php, plus CommonsSettings and DevSettings in www-root
TestWiki 2 Meta Gregor Hagedorn testwiki2 testwiki2 00_default working
Studienstiftung Mykologie Plazi Walter Gams, Gregor Hagedorn studienstiftungswiki studienstiftungswiki 00_default working maybe move to dedicated subdomain and create a forward for the old path
GoldenGATE Plazi Donat Agosti, Gregor Hagedorn goldengatewiki goldengate 00_default working maybe move to dedicated subdomain and create a forward for the old path
Wikibase Wiki MfN Gregor Hagedorn, Andreas Plank wikibasewiki wikibasewiki 00_default working presently for OpenMedia, Offene Naturführer
Data Quality Wiki BGBM David Fichtmueller dataqualitywiki v-dataquality/w working was previously located at now it has redirects
MfN Wiki Projekt MfN E. Patzschke mfn_mus v-mfn/w 00_default working
Ausstellungsmanagment Wiki MfN E. Patzschke mfn_ausstellung v-mfn/ausstellung 00_default working
Sammlungsmanagement Wiki MfN A. Friederichs mfn_collmg v-mfn/sammlung 00_default working
Sammerbiografien MfN A. Friederichs, S. Hackethal mfn_sammler v-mfn/sammler 00_default working
3d Imaging Handbook MfN T. von Rintelen mfn_3dhandbook v-mfn/3d-handbook 00_default working
MfN Issue Managment MfN  ? mfn_issue v-mfn/issue 00_default working
Panda Ausstellung MfN E. Patzschke mfn_panda v-mfn/panda 00_default working path rewrite issues
Panda Exibition MfN E. Patzschke mfn_pandaen v-mfn/panda_en 00_default working path rewrite issues
MfN Hilfeseiten MfN A. Friederichs mfn_help v-mfn/hilfe 00_default working
MfN Arbeitstagung 2015 MfN E. Patzschke mfn_arbeitstagung2015 v-mfn/arbeitstagung2015 00_default working
Verwertung und Wissenskommunikation MfN E. Patzschke mfn_verwertung v-mfn/verwertung 00_default working
MfN Forschungsprojekte MfN E. Patzschke mfn_fp v-mfn/forschungsprojekte 00_default working
ECSA Wiki MfN C. Göbbel, K. Vohland mfn_ecsa v-mfn/ecsa/ 00_default is currently being set up, still protected
UK Country Checklist Meise Quentin Groom ukcountywiki v-ukcounty/w 00_default working temp until under own domain
Test Meta (All, can be deleted and recreated if necessary) mfn_bootstraptest testing/alvaro/test26wmf5 00_default working test wiki
Template Wiki Meta (All, can be deleted and recreated if necessary) z_en_template v-ztemplate/w unused template to create new wikis

Test Wikis, not yet documented

  • testwiki20
  • testwiki24
  • testwiki_plusaccountanduser

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