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Mobile Key is a Wiki extension with the purpose to export wiki keys as html pages for mobile applications, using the key data harvested by the extension Template Parameter Index.


The extension Template Parameter Index must be installed first. In your $IP/extensions folder create a Mobile Key folder, and decompress the files of the Mobile Key extension to this folder. Also create a folder called MobileKey in $wgScriptPath/media/(this is the default $wgMobileKeyFilePath, with $wgMobileKeyFileDirectory = $IP/media/MobileKey/, they can be overwritten in LocalSettings.php). Install the extension by adding to LocalSettings.php:

$wgGroupPermissions['user']['mobilekey'] = true; 

is set as default group Permissions. This can also be overwritten in LocalSettings.php.


The extension creates a Special Page "Mobile Key" (see here for testwiki). On this page the user can enter the name of the wiki page that contains the wiki key. On clicking the "Show" button the html pages with the wiki key are created, including recursively keys that are linked as identification results. These and also the images are stored on the server, and a zip archive is created. The latter can be downloaded by clicking the "Download" button. If the file format is not supported by a mobile device, files can be downloaded on and then copied from a PC.

For instructions how to copy offline keys to various Smartphones see the Key to Nature page.

Wiki file resolver

see Wiki File Resolver