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Mediawiki stores its files inside a repository structure, that uses MD5 hashes as part of the file name. This makes direct access to a binary file (image etc.) slightly difficult if you only know the wiki-name of the file (like File:XY.jpg). However, mediawiki also may be configured to use a series of external repositories, including wikimedia commons. When resolving a file like XY.jpg, mediawiki will go through the repository definitions, and returns the file from the first repository containing a name of this file. This behavior is impossible to re-implement without detailed knowledge about the attached repositories.

As a solution, the Mobile Key extension offers a web service that may also be used independently of mobile key developing. This service resolves wiki file names (the binary files for which may come from local or a variety of attached repositories). It offers the two functions: action=getMediaURL (return URL as string) and action=getMediaFile (directly resolve Media file).

The first returns a single string, which is the URL to the media file, setting MIME type to text, the second returns the binary media file, setting MIME type to image/xxx. Optionally a width parameter can be set for both, in which case a thumb will be dynamically rendered.


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